Understanding Blocked Drains

Drains can get blocked for many reasons, foreign objects such sanitary items and flushable wipes entering the drain, ground movement disturbing pipework, a build up of grease and fat, however the most common cause for a blocked drain is tree roots. Clearing the drain doesn't always rectify the cause of the blockage. 

D and P Plumbing have specialised equipment to clear your blocked drain, we have available either a high pressured water jetter or electric eel. Once the drain is clear we can inspect your drain using a Rigid drain camera, if needed we also have a locator that can pin point the exact location of the damage, this makes it easier for us and for you to make repairs.  


Stage 1 

Stage 2 

Stage 3

Some drains can be relined if there is not significant damage to the pipework (Image 2) once the damage is passed a certain point (image 3) the only option to prevent continuous blockages and ongoing issues is to dig up and repair the damaged sections. 

Some examples of tree roots in sewer lines

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